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Jason Hope Predicts Internet of Things will Lead to Radical Changes

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Internet entrepreneur Jason Hope has recently taken to the internet to talk about coming technologies of The Internet of Things. Hope believes this new group of technologies will create revolutionary opportunities in almost every field of human endeavor. As a futurist an avid reader of the technical literature, Jason Hope is more excited than ever about the new possibilities that will be unleashed by this exciting new technology.

One of the areas in which Hope predicts the internet of things will radically transform people’s everyday lives is through what he predicts will be the total automation of the shopping process. While many people view such a futuristic concept as something that might be better left in the pages of science fiction novels, Hope points out that many of the technologies needed to completely automate all shopping already exists.

Hope points out that’s many warehouses throughout the United States extensively utilize automated warehousing technology. Hope points out that, while, currently, the robotics necessary to create such sophisticated machinery only within reach of the nation’s largest, most successful corporations, like all other things technological, the cost of this machinery will drop dramatically in the coming years. Hope says that the tasks Amazon’s automated warehouse robotics carry out on a daily basis are precisely the same types of things needed to automatically stock shelves and to automatically fulfill orders within grocery stores.

Hope says it’s only a matter of time before these technologies are successfully adopted to grocery stores throughout the United States. People simply phone in orders then pick them up 15 minutes later at the side of the curb and learn more about Jason.

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Foresite Capital Bound to Do Even Better with New Venture Partner on Board

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Foresite Capital, an equity firm that specializes in companies involved in provision of healthcare products and services, announced on April 24th 2017 that it has a new venture partner in its team. The new partner is none other than the seasoned scientific researcher, Dr. Molly He. She served as a senior director at Illumina, and has over a decade’s experience in the pharmaceutical industry. She also spent a few years at Pacific Biosciences where she headed the protein sciences department. Dr. Molly He is an authority in the drug development industry who has written numerous papers on the subject. Jim Tananbaum, the CEO of Foresite Capital, said that the company was thrilled to have Dr. He join the team. She expressed her excitement about joining Foresite Capital and looks forward to working with her new team.

About Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum is a seasoned investor in the pharmaceuticals and healthcare industry. He has over 2 decades’ experience in the industry and is an investment expert. He started Foresite Capital in 2010 to help remarkable healthcare companies (both public and private) grow and improve their products and services. Jim lives in San Francisco from where he runs the company and learn more about Jim.

Prior to forming Foresite Capital, he worked with Sierra Ventures and Prospect Venture Partners among other venture capital firms. During his time at these companies, he learnt all about running a venture capital firm, and this experience is what has enabled his company to be so successful in just 7 years. Jim has a keen interest in companies in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industry. Some of the companies Foresite Capital has invested in include Amerigroup, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Healtheon, and Amira Pharmaceuticals among others. Jim Tananbaum holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Doctor of Medicine from Harvard School of Medicine and Jim of Twitter.


It is clear that Foresite Capital is under very good leadership; it is no wonder that it continues to do so well. Dr. He’s experience and expertise in the pharmaceutical industry makes her well suited for the job as she can help a great deal with Foresite Capital’s investment decisions. The company is bound to do even better with such a powerful combination of venture partners.

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Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Provides the Best of Document Sourcing

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Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. was established in 1991 as a small, local title company and is one of the largest in the country at this stage. They are located in Palm Harbor, Florida, and they have over 600 employees in three states.


The have a data center in Dallas, Texas which assures clients that should the main system go down for any reason; there will be enough redundancy and backup capacity for the company not to miss a beat as far as being functional as usual.


Eight out of ten of the top retail mortgage and banking companies rely on Nationwide for all of their document processing needs. This is a testimony to the pristine services that Nationwide provides. The ultimate test in the highly competitive document processing industry is the speed of the delivery and the accuracy of the documents that are ordered.


When a closing on a piece of property, one misstep could spoil the closing and delay it. Nationwide can reach into every county and jurisdiction in the country that stores and houses the required records. That amounts to over 3,600 separate places where documents are stored and must be accessed at a moment’s notice.


Nationwide has a compliance rate of 99.89% and a rejection rate of only .78%. This adds up to the fact that nearly 100% of all actions regarding document retrieval are fast and accurate. It is no wonder that companies line up to use their services.


A big factor in the equation is the expertise and the high operating levels of the Nationwide employees who are highly trained initially and with extra training modules that allow additional training on their own. About 50% to 70% of the workforce is involved in the extra training at any given time.


Nationwide enjoys excellent employee relationships as recognized for the past five out of six years. The Tampa Bay Times notes that Nationwide has been named for that period as being listed in the top 100 best places to work. Nationwide has been ranked as an Inc. 5,000 for four years since 2012.


Nationwide is a privately owned company that is very solid financially and who continuously hones and improves all of their processes. Their clients of investors, mortgage lenders, and servicers all give Nationwide the highest marks in deliverability. The ultimate goal of protecting consumers and the property records of the country is well stated in Nationwide’s mission statement.




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José Borghi is Viewed as a Rising Talent in Brazil.

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The gifted pioneer directing the ascension of the ad agency Mullen Lowe, Brazil’s finest distribution ad agency, is Jose Borghi. Arguably one of Jose‘s notably fundamental, highly idolized, and professionally original publicity ads was “Mammals Parmalat.” All throughout the airing of this comical display, large numbers of very enthusiastic kids are visible acting in a way that portrayed them as exuberant, vivacious stuffed animals, all the while warmly chanting and moving within a precise dance routine in sync to uniquely visionary and stylish Brazilian melodies.

Jose Borghi’s satisfying accomplishments from inside of the publicity ad field commenced at a phase when Mr. Jose Borghi was enduring his studies at Middle School. Mr. Borghi’s sister approached him, with the task of encouraging Jose to go out to experience a viewing at a Brazilian cinema, exposing a multitude of published Brazilian ad videos. Each of the unusually inventive ads strongly received throughout the vicinity of Brazil for producing graphically striking authentic ads. Mr. Borghi’s sister had the notion, that minimally, one or perhaps more of the ornate and superbly captivating ads might convince Mr. Borghi to determine what job-related direction might best benefit from Jose’s amazing depth of creativity. The produced advert videos all focused on a highly praised commercial. Each of which provided to their designers the appreciation of the Film Festival that if annually presented at the Cannes. The designers of the Brazilian advertisement videos were each given a trophy.

Jose, along with his buddy Erh Ray, made a firm named, BorghiErh. Soon, BorghiErh was bought out by the respected firm, Lowe. Lowe’s name combined Jose’s to form Borghi Lowe. Borghi Lowe expanded rapidly, gathering a ton of respect, and melded cooperatively within time with Lowe and Mullen, to manifest Mullen Lowe.

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A five star hotel experience in Copa Star

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Most health services are represented by hospitals, clinics and health posts, which are managed by the government and the private sector. Hospitals typically offer emergency medical care, secondary and tertiary care services, while health posts offer primary care and some basic or first aid care, they are usually a place that a patient suffers to stay in, even for minimal injuries. Trained doctors, comfortable beds and the company of family don’t make it a more enjoyable stay. Health facilities play a critical and significant role in the treatment of injuries and illnesses, studies have shown there is a great psychological impact on the individuals of the affected population.

But some hospitals are not really the place anybody wants to be. They are dull, a little gloomy, and with nurses and doctors running around from side to side, they are also a constant reminder that the situation is critical. So Copa Star hospitals are changing the game in Copacabana, and soon plan to take over the entire country. Owned by the chain of hospitals Red D’Or, with 30 years of dedication to medicine, always seeking to bring to our patients the most advanced regarding technology, science, comfort and quality in providing services.

Copa Star doesn’t only intend to have the latest technology in human care, but a touch of luxury and comfort, both for patients and for visitors. With a separate corridor for patients, medical equipment and staff, as well as art-filled walls, it will be hard to distinguish from the luxury and elegance of the Copa star from that of a five-star hotel on the beach. Some even claim that it’s not just a hospital, but an evergreen work of art that gets in the psyche of people and cares for the health of the people in an exclusive and unique way, keeping in mind every detail possible; from the flowers to the aroma… A complete experience.

With an incredible architecture, unbelievable culinary delicacies and a vast terrain with gardens and intelligent design, the Copa Star will is the first of its type in the region, and will set high standards for health all across Latin America. On top of the well-built spaces and solid infrastructure, they work together with a team of 550 highly experienced professionals, and –some may even say- some of the best specialists in the country.

It was time to change the game and Red’Or started with changing the way in which hospitals are perceived. Now, it will be a safe environment for patients, with highly skilled doctors and a scented and overwhelming atmosphere of well-being and health, that may indirectly help patients going through a recovery process, experience the episode with more energy and thrive than ever. Read more at SSC Magazine about Copa Star.

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Ken Goodgame’s Strategies To Success At True Value Company

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True Value Company revealed a new strategy of pricing and merchandising which entailed the reduction of goods which were lowly priced to compete with other competitors to get back their original prices. Kenneth Goodgame who is the chief merchandiser and senior vice president of True Value Company came up with this brilliant plan.

his strategy is supposed to offer a vast assortment of high-price point and mid-price point goods which will differentiate True Value Company from discount competitors and in turn increase the retailers’ gross margin in dollars and drive greater value for True Value’s customers.

Another initiative which True Value had established was adding different state buyers who would help in boosting product productivity with the support of Geo-Demographic Analysis. This tool measures the trade area dynamics. Previously, assortments of goods were distributed by size or popularity, but in the Geo-Demographic program, varieties of products will be sold to meet the geographic needs of our customers. Ken Goodgame divided them a fresh into categories that included suburban, rural, and urban assortments of fine-tuned products.

Goodgame also pointed out a plan which entailed a pricing strategy of Buy more and Save; Everyday low pricing for sensitive SKUs; Pro packs, and Compare and Save for private label brands vs. national brands. This plan was supposed to build on True Value’s performance in retail store sales up to almost 5%, while the co-op revenue to realize a 4.8% profit.

As the Chief Merchandiser and vice president of True Value Company, Ken Goodgame insists on ensuring they have a proper merchandising plan that will improve the quantity and quality of the company’s assortments of products in each year.

About Ken Goodgame
As an influential operations management leader, Mr. Goodgame specializes in creating innovative merchandising and marketing business strategies. His focus is to deliver a balance of quality assurance, employee engagement, and corporate alignment systems that help improve profitability and performance. Goodgame’s great experience gives him a head start to be able to see and predict a geographical market shift and also a veteran’s eye to avoid costly money blunders that bring down a company. Ken Goodgame is a Bachelor of Science in Marketing graduate from the University of Tennessee.


Jason Halpern Will Soon Go Global

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Jason Halpern is the president of JMH Development. Right now Jason and his team are responsible for building major properties in the United States. These properties include things like casinos, large apartment buildings, government buildings, and so much more. This company has easily moved into being the highest paid and most popular development company in the United States.


Jason Halpern believes him and his team have accomplished too much not to take this company global. They are currently undecided as to how many countries that would like to place headquarters in. That is why Halpern has put forth a committee to study the real estate and construction rate around the world. Halpern wants to involve JMH Development in areas where business is booming.


Jason Halpern believes other countries will benefit from JMH Development. There are not too many American development companies in other countries. This means JMH Development will bring new designs and ideas to many countries. In turn, Halpern believes businesses will instantly expand and want to create other establishments in their respective regions.

Jason Halpern is also very excited to bring his design team to other countries. His design team gets to work while the property is being constructed. The design team sits the business owner(s) and develops a unique design for the establishment. The design team handles everything from the way the bathrooms are setup to the color of the carpet in the entrance way. One of the free features of the design team is putting together and grand opening.


Though Halpern’s design team does come out of JMH Development, he has a separate team that comes from Parametric Dining, which is another company run by Halpern. The design team from Parametric Dining is all about technology. They will make sure the establishment being put together by JMH Development is equipped with all of the newest technology advances on the market. This can be either new computers or certain wiring to make the process of business move a lot faster.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

Jason Halpern also has in mind to have reasonable prices when establishing his business in other countries. Jason knows many places outside of the United States are suffering financially. He is going to make a commitment to the local governments of all the countries where his business will reside. The commitment will be that JMH Development will only charge what a business owner’s budget will allow. Halpern believes this will help keep peace within the countries he plans to enter.


Everyone at JMH Development and Parametric Dining are happy to learn that Jason Halpern has global ideas. They believe this is on of the final steps before becoming the best developmental service on the entire world.


John Goullet: As Fine A Leader As One Can Fine

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It’s a true rarity in today’s society when someone can stumble upon someone that is just as good of a person as they are a leader or worker. That is John Goullet from Diversant and that is why they have bestowed upon him the position of Principal Executive and why they have put him on the leadership and advisory board. They know he is a true man’s man and his word really stands for something in today’s world. He is not the kind of person that is just going to tell people what they want to hear or lie to them. When they speak to John Goullet, they are going to get the truth.

One must remember John’s history which includes founding Info Technologies, where they were tasked with finding solutions for Fortune 500 companies. This was not something he or the company took for granted. In fact, they were honored that Fortune 500 companies thought highly enough of them to seek them out for advice on solutions. Now, he is setting up IT professionals with Fortune 500 companies. Because he has worked directly with Fortune 500 companies, he knows what they are looking for, what they want, and what they need. He is going to make sure these IT professionals are ready for the real world experience when they get out there.

They might have all the schooling in the world under their belt, but it is vastly different from real world experience. That is something that someone can not put a price tag on, that is for sure. Another thing they can’t buy is the kind of training and wisdom they are getting from John Goullet. He is a straight shooter as mentioned, but he gives constructive criticism. He knows they are young and they need to be treated with respect. The last thing he wants to do not is break someone’s confidence before they get out there. He wants to arm them with everything they need to get ahead and stay ahead for as long as possible as an IT professional since this is their passion and their life.

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Mike Baur is proud of the Swiss Start-Up Factory

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Start-ups are a vital part of any economy. Large corporations provide thousands of people with jobs each year, but they are often very hesitant to try new things. The unwillingness to try new things can make it very difficult for new ideas to reach the marketplace. Fortunately, the right start-ups can bring innovation to homes everywhere. Over the last twenty years, major start-ups have brought great ideas to the marketplace. Facebook, Amazon, eBay, and Uber have all totally changed the marketplace. Mike Baur is an extremely influential businessman from Switzerland. He has helped numerous companies reach their full potential, and recently he noticed a major problem with the Swiss economy.


The European economy as a whole has been on the downslide for several years, and Mike wants to prevent the Swiss economy from going downhill as well, and he thought he had a solution. Mike noticed that every vibrant economy in the world had a large number of start-ups and he wanted to bring that start-up culture to Switzerland. He recently launched the Swiss Start-up Factory to help start-ups throughout Switzerland reach their full potential. The start-up factory is meant to be a factory for brand new companies, so the Swiss economy can start running at full speed.


The Swiss Start-up Factory is a truly unique incubation program. Mike Baur and his team comb through their applicants in search of companies that have the potential to change the economy. The best companies are invited to the Factory for the incubation program.


The Start-Up Factory incubation program lasts three months. During these three months, the young companies have access to the best possible office space and everything they need to run their company. The Factory also provides each company with quality mentoring and other business services, so that companies that graduate from the program are able to thrive in the marketplace. Mike Baur also considered the power of networking when he founded the Swiss Start-Up Factory, so he located his incubation program in Zurich. Zurich is one of the most powerful cities in the business world, and it is an ideal place for young businesses to make connections. The Swiss Start-Up Factory is an ideal incubation program.


Mike Baur cares deeply about the Swiss economy, and he feels that the Swiss Start-Up Factory will help bring new ideas into the marketplace. He hopes to keep running the program for years to come.



Securus Technologies Plan to Expose GTL of their Integrity Breaches

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Securus Technologies is an American prison technology company based in Dallas, Texas. The company was established in 1986 and has offices in Allen, Atlanta, Carrollton and Georgia.

In a recent news release, Securus announced its intention to publish facts, reports, articles and findings that will point out the integrity breaches and wrongdoings by its rival in the industry, Global Tel Link (GTL). According the company’s Chief Executive Officer Richard Smith, it is offensive to the entire industry when a carrier stoops well below the integrity level that most other carriers have. Any business in the industry should do more than just make profits. They should serve customers with their interest at heart in the most ethical way.

Richard Smith noted that the press release was just one of actions that Securus had planned to expose the wrong doing and integrity breaches by GTL. More press releases was destined to be held over the next six months to shame GTL for their actions. One of the issues to be reviewed include their actions when they served Louisiana Department of Corrections.

An investigation by the Public Service Commission found that GTL had programmed their clocks in Louisiana’s facilities by adding 15-36 seconds to the duration of every call made by families or friends who contacted their inmates. The company had also programmed its telephones to rate calls on a basis of higher rates rather than those permitted under the tariffs of FCC. These practices were totally unauthorized.

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies offer investigation, public safety, correction and monitoring solutions in the inmate communication industry. The company operates more than 3500 correctional, public safety and law enforcement agencies serving a total of 1.2 million inmates across United States. To learn more about the company’s full suite of technological solutions, you can follow them on Twitter.