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Top Customer Service Award Goes To Securus Technologies

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The Stevie Award is a prestigious customer service award that is awarded to the leaders in customer service excellence each year. A panel of over seventy five judges determines who will win this prestigious award. Securus Technologies was the recent recipient of the Stevie Award and told PRN Newswire that their top priority will continue to be customer service satisfaction. They have over 12,000+ IT professionals that are trained in the highest level of customer service satisfaction and telecommunications securities. If you’re interested in learning more about Securus Technologies, you’re encouraged to visit their exclusive website for more information.


Securus Technologies Is A Leading Inmate Communications Provider


PRN Newswire has reported that Securus Technologies is one of the largest growing inmate communications providers. They’re still responsible for a high level of monitoring and surveillance that is mandated under government regulations. They ensure the safety of the general public against telecommunications crime. Their customers recently used their technological features to report a securities threat. Their customers quickly notified Securus officials in the irregularities to avoid an increase in fees. Thousands of customers depend on Securus Technologies to stay connected with the ones they love in a correctional facility.


Securus Technologies Features


Inmate Voicemail


Inmate voicemail features will allow their customers to retrieve messages from their legal counsel, friends, and family members. They have access to a personalized account that ensures that they can receive messages and retrieve them at their leisure.


Video Visitation


Video visitation is a great features that gives inmates and the love ones face-to-face communication. You get complete control over the high definition video that gives you complete control including the sound. Just a few clicks of an onscreen controls will let you adjust the picture and sound the way you want.


Communications Industry/Inmate Communication App

GTL starts game of chicken, balks

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GTL, a struggling aspirant in the prison communications industry, has recently embarrassed itself by biting off thoroughly more than it can chew. After years of hurling invective arrows at its insouciant better, industry leader Securus Technologies, the elephant finally noticed the flea on its back and made gestures towards its permanent removal.


Securus issued a challenge. It invited the honor-defiling GTL to a techno duel whereby the companies’ respective video visitation technologies would square off in an inmate-communications showdown. GTL, who had made a career of verbally attacking its competitor, and who threatened a peddle-to-the-floor suicide run at chicken-slaying glory, quickly bulked in the headlights and ran off into the ditch of cowardly defeat. This predictable sequence stemmed naturally from a company with a bully’s instinct and a fool’s touch trying to take on a gracious world champion.



Securus investigative solutions save lives


But this wild circus side-show detracts from the very serious task at hand. Through its many investigatory solutions, Securus has put tools into the hands of corrections officers and administrators that not only keep things running smoothly, they save lives.


Through Securus’ voice recognition software, any unauthorized party can be identified on any prison communications device within microseconds, alerting staff and giving them the option to either close the communication or continue on, monitoring it in real time. These capabilities have tipped staff off to many crimes and thwarted them before they had a chance to be carried out. In a few cases, it has actually foiled murder attempts and other extremely serious felonies.


By removing the ability of prisoners and civilians to engage in unauthorized communications, Securus is removing one of the largest threats from the prison environment. The threat of gangs to be able to pass orders and commit criminal conspiracies is lessened dramatically when the individual gang members cannot make a phone call without being actively monitored.

Communications Industry/Securus/Inmate Communication App

Benefits of Securus’ ConnectUs Automated Inmate Forms

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Leading inmate communication services provider, Securus Technologies recently inaugurated its groundbreaking Inmate Forms and Grievance application, which will be available on the ConnectUs platform. During the launch, Securus’ Vice president and Head of Marketing and Strategy, Mr. Russell Roberts, asserted that the firm’s commitment to the provision of new technology remains steadfast. He further added that the inmate forms will go a long way in modernizing the services and products offered by the company to its customers.

Correctional facilities have been using paper forms to collect various inmate requests and grievances. This technique is time consuming because prison officers are forced to move from one cell block to another distributing the forms. Thereafter, they waste more time collecting, moving, logging-in requests, and responding to them. Filing, archiving and stowing such forms also consumes a lot of time.

The new application will negate the need for all the aforementioned processes. When in use, an inmate’s request will be made and responded to in a matter of minutes. No paperwork will be involved. The platform is already receiving rave reviews from inmates and correctional officers who have had the opportunity to use it. Its advancement is part of Securus’ efforts to remodel the incarceration experience. The Inmate Forms and Grievance application also comes with a host of other user-friendly features, which were previously unavailable.

A Précis of Securus Technologies

This is a prominent telecommunications firm based in Dallas TX. For thirty years, the company has had an unwavering dedication towards providing top-notch inmate communication products and services to incarceration facilities throughout North America. Securus Technologies avails its services to more than 3000 correctional facilities. The firm has a work-force of over 1,000 employees, who oversee its day to day activities. Besides its corporate headquarters, Securus has smaller bases of operation in Carrollton, Allen and Atlanta. The company has also been investing in latest technologies, acquisitions, and patents to read more, click here for more details.

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Securus Cracks Down on GTL Scam

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Just like any other government agency, prisons must provide telephone services to their inmates. In Louisiana, the main provider of telephone services is Securus. Securus contracts ways smaller companies in order to provide more secure phone services.
In a recent press conference covered by the PR Newswire team, Securus released information regarding one of their main communications providers. Global Tel Link, also known as GTL, was recently found to have wrongfully treated customers, both inside and outside of the justice system.
According to Securus America, GTL is being reviewed for the possibility to they have committed systematic wrongdoings. For more than a decade, GTL has provided telephone services to prisons across Louisiana. Recent investigations into the records of GTL show that they have been committing a number of acts that are outside of the guidelines and contract they have with Securus.

Securus states that the following acts have been committed against GTL customers that were unauthorized, and unknown by Securus:

  • GTL purposely reprogrammed their correctional institution telephones to add between 15 to 36 seconds to each telephone call.
  • GTL purposely programmed their telephones to charge a higher rate than the tariffs they work under allow.
  • GTL purposely inflated the charges made to customers.
  • GTL purposely billed each single call more than once, which is illegal.
  • GTL knowingly overcharged the tax payers of Louisiana more than $1,243,000.

Securus openly states that they have been investigating this problem for approximately six months now and will continue to investigate this problem until they locate the exact person, or persons, responsible for these actions.

Until further notice, all GTL phone lines are under the control of Securus and will be closely monitored for tampering. Actions will be taken against GTL, and possible criminal action will be taken against those who were responsible for ordering the manipulation of the individual phone’s internal mechanisms.

In documents that have been made available on the website, GTL is shown to have manipulated more than $70 million inmate phone calls, both through prisons and jails across the state of Louisiana.

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