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A five star hotel experience in Copa Star

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Most health services are represented by hospitals, clinics and health posts, which are managed by the government and the private sector. Hospitals typically offer emergency medical care, secondary and tertiary care services, while health posts offer primary care and some basic or first aid care, they are usually a place that a patient suffers to stay in, even for minimal injuries. Trained doctors, comfortable beds and the company of family don’t make it a more enjoyable stay. Health facilities play a critical and significant role in the treatment of injuries and illnesses, studies have shown there is a great psychological impact on the individuals of the affected population.

But some hospitals are not really the place anybody wants to be. They are dull, a little gloomy, and with nurses and doctors running around from side to side, they are also a constant reminder that the situation is critical. So Copa Star hospitals are changing the game in Copacabana, and soon plan to take over the entire country. Owned by the chain of hospitals Red D’Or, with 30 years of dedication to medicine, always seeking to bring to our patients the most advanced regarding technology, science, comfort and quality in providing services.

Copa Star doesn’t only intend to have the latest technology in human care, but a touch of luxury and comfort, both for patients and for visitors. With a separate corridor for patients, medical equipment and staff, as well as art-filled walls, it will be hard to distinguish from the luxury and elegance of the Copa star from that of a five-star hotel on the beach. Some even claim that it’s not just a hospital, but an evergreen work of art that gets in the psyche of people and cares for the health of the people in an exclusive and unique way, keeping in mind every detail possible; from the flowers to the aroma… A complete experience.

With an incredible architecture, unbelievable culinary delicacies and a vast terrain with gardens and intelligent design, the Copa Star will is the first of its type in the region, and will set high standards for health all across Latin America. On top of the well-built spaces and solid infrastructure, they work together with a team of 550 highly experienced professionals, and –some may even say- some of the best specialists in the country.

It was time to change the game and Red’Or started with changing the way in which hospitals are perceived. Now, it will be a safe environment for patients, with highly skilled doctors and a scented and overwhelming atmosphere of well-being and health, that may indirectly help patients going through a recovery process, experience the episode with more energy and thrive than ever. Read more at SSC Magazine about Copa Star.

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Sweetgreen: Finally an Answer to the Fast Food Epidemic

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Did you know that even though movies like, “Super Size Me,” and other documentaries about fast food preparation practices have been released, McDonald’s still serves 26 million people every day. There are 14,000 American McDonald’s franchises alone. There are thousands more around the word. In addition to McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Subway, Dunkin’ Donuts, Pizza Hut and many other burger and pizza joints serve millions more people every day. Though we take health risks when we eat fast food, there’s no doubt that there is an urgent need for people to be able to get fast food sometimes. It’s only natural. People have busy modern schedules with work, school and their families. It’s impossible to think that there’s a convenient way for the average person to cook all the time.


It’s important to note, that many popular fast food restaurants have added some healthy foods to the menu in response to the public outrage over the unhealthiness of their menus. This is especially true with the kid’s menus which typically now have fresh fruit and white milk options along with French fries or sodas, so you can pick something healthier. For the adults, there’s typically more salads on the menu along with roasted chicken and beef options, light dressings and about ¼ salad’s worth healthier greens along with your typical iceberg lettuce greens. Pizza’s and subs often have a variety of vegetable options as well.


However, most fast food restaurants:


  • Still don’t source their healthy foods from local growers who use ethical growing practices to produce their foods;
  • Are still dirty, smelly, sticky and poorly designed restaurants,
  • Are lacking in mobile integration,
  • Hire staff with poor customer service skills,
  • Care nothing about cross-contamination and other issues for people who choose to follow a certain diet because of personal reasons or allergies, and
  • Still don’t offer very healthy or nutrient rich foods overall.


For the most part, though an iceberg lettuce salad is healthier than a burger, the ideal is for a salad to also have many superfood veggies in the recipe like radishes, romaine lettuce, fruits, dark leafy greens, mushrooms and peppers.


Enter Sweetgreen


Sweetgreen is a casual dining/fast food restaurant founded by Geogetown University grads Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet. Sweetgreen offers an amazing and healthy salad menu that critics are raving about. In addition, it features absolutely everything that typical fast food restaurants lack.




Stewardess Nut Crunch of markus Rothkranz

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Airplane travel can be a pain, unexpected delays, gate changes, difficulty with baggage claim, and all the while your stomach is grumbling. Cara Brotman shows us how to make a delicious nut crunch brittle with only a few ingredients. It’s a healthy snack that will hold you over until you can sit down and have a nice meal.

The nut crunch brittle has only four ingredients: two cups of almonds, half a cup of brazil nuts, dried currants, and four tablespoons of maple syrup. Cara shows us that you start off by mincing the Brazil nuts, “they’re very easy to slice.” she says. Next on the chopping block is the almonds, small to medium chop is fine for these nuts. Add the almonds, brazil nuts, and dried currants to a mixing bowl then slowly drizzle the four tablespoons of maple syrup. Mix all the ingredients together and make sure that the maple syrup is coating all of the almonds, Brazil nuts, and dried currants.

Once all the ingredients are mixed and evenly coated with the maple syrup, you’ll want to spread the mixture onto a dehydrating sheet. Cara states that there’s no need for a “Tough Lex sheet” because there is absolutely no drip from the maple syrup. Make sure to spread the nut and syrup mixture flat and evenly on the dehydrating sheet. The nut crunch brittle stays in the dehydrator for up to three hours at 115 degrees.

This nut crunch brittle recipe is easily modified to anybody’s tastes. Cara shows us three types of nut crunch brittles, one with only almonds and Brazil nuts, another with almonds, Brazil nuts, yellow raisins, and dried currants, and the last type of brittle has cacao powder added to it for a nice chocolate-y flavoring. This is a healthy home-made play on trail mix that is travel safe and perfect for those long waits at the airport, hiking through the Sierras, or even just to add to your kid’s lunch. Cara finishes with telling us that it’s so easy to make and even addicting to eat which is great since it’s so good for you.

This video was originally posted on YouTube and can be found here.


Dr. Walden has left her mark on the Texas medical community

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While many think plastic surgery is all about vanity, it is actually a vital service. The right plastic surgeon can restore your skin, eliminate past scarring, and restore your confidence. Millions of people need plastics surgery, and they deserve the best plastic surgeon’s possible. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to find the right plastic surgeon. Texas has several wonderful plastic surgeon’s to choose from, but one of the most talented surgeons in the area is Dr. Jennifer Walden.

Jennifer Walden is the quintessential hometown girl. She grew up in the Northwest Hills part of Austin and had deep ties to the medical community. Her father was a well-known dentist while her mother chose to work as a nurse. They were both deeply respected in the medical community. Jennifer was mentored by both of her parents, and she excelled in school. After years of hard work in school, she received her acceptance letter from UT Austin, her dream school. Her time at UT Austin was well spent, and she easily made it into medical school. Throughout her time in medical school, she displayed her skill and knowledge. She graduated as the Salutatorian of her class and was accepted into the plastic surgery program at UT Galveston. After her time in Galveston, she went into an exclusive fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. There she was mentored by the best plastic surgeons in the world. She enjoyed her time there, but when she finished her fellowship, she longed to return back to her home.

Jennifer came home to raise her family and start her own practice. She quickly made her mark in the Austin medical community. She has her own operating room and her patients are consistently impressed with her bedside manner and her surgery skills. Dr. Walden has left an especially large mark in her specialty, labiaplasty. Hundreds of women are now more comfortable with their body, thanks to her surgery skills. Jennifer is proud of her hard work.

Thousands of people in the Austin area need a skilled plastic surgeon, and fortunately, Jennifer is one of the top surgeons in Texas.


Here Are Some Myths About the Flu

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Earlier this week, reported on the five myths that involve having the flu. It is wise to know what a rumor is and what an actual fact is. Elodie Ghedin has an area of expertise, and it just happens to be the flu.

She is from NYU’s Center for Genomics, Systems Biology, and the College of Global Public Health. She is an individual who works closely with Jon Urbana of Ellipse USA and does know the difference from fact versus an actual rumor. She has offered solid information about the flu and the five most common myths about it. The flu has an extraordinary history. She does believe that the flu shot, itself, is important.

These five myths include:
* the use of a surgical mask will prevent the infection from being passed on to others
* the use of antiviral drugs will prove to be good treatment for the virus
* a yearly flu shot is not needed
* the flu vaccine will actually make people sick
* a fever and a runny knows will indicate that a person has the flu virus
These are the short version of Elodie Ghedin’s explanation on the five most common myths that involve the flu virus. She did coauthor a paper on this entire subject.