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Dr. Walden has left her mark on the Texas medical community

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While many think plastic surgery is all about vanity, it is actually a vital service. The right plastic surgeon can restore your skin, eliminate past scarring, and restore your confidence. Millions of people need plastics surgery, and they deserve the best plastic surgeon’s possible. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to find the right plastic surgeon. Texas has several wonderful plastic surgeon’s to choose from, but one of the most talented surgeons in the area is Dr. Jennifer Walden.

Jennifer Walden is the quintessential hometown girl. She grew up in the Northwest Hills part of Austin and had deep ties to the medical community. Her father was a well-known dentist while her mother chose to work as a nurse. They were both deeply respected in the medical community. Jennifer was mentored by both of her parents, and she excelled in school. After years of hard work in school, she received her acceptance letter from UT Austin, her dream school. Her time at UT Austin was well spent, and she easily made it into medical school. Throughout her time in medical school, she displayed her skill and knowledge. She graduated as the Salutatorian of her class and was accepted into the plastic surgery program at UT Galveston. After her time in Galveston, she went into an exclusive fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. There she was mentored by the best plastic surgeons in the world. She enjoyed her time there, but when she finished her fellowship, she longed to return back to her home.

Jennifer came home to raise her family and start her own practice. She quickly made her mark in the Austin medical community. She has her own operating room and her patients are consistently impressed with her bedside manner and her surgery skills. Dr. Walden has left an especially large mark in her specialty, labiaplasty. Hundreds of women are now more comfortable with their body, thanks to her surgery skills. Jennifer is proud of her hard work.

Thousands of people in the Austin area need a skilled plastic surgeon, and fortunately, Jennifer is one of the top surgeons in Texas.


DeVos Family Makes a Move into the Liquor Industry

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Dick DeVos, his wife Betsy, and their family have become billionaires who are known for their phenomenal donating, all of this has been made possible because of DeVos’s father starting the company Amway.

During their lifetime, a billion dollars has been donated to different charities through the five charities their family has created. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation alone was worth over ten and a half million dollars in 2013. In 2013 their family together donated almost 90 million dollars and in 2014, they donated almost ninety five million dollars through their foundation. Learn more about their efforts, here:

The Daniel and Pamela DeVos Foundation gave over seven million dollars to various charities through their foundation in 2013 and was worth over ten and a half million dollars. Another foundation of their family’s is the Cheri DeVos CDV5 Foundation which includes herself and her five children. Their foundation donated over ten and a half million dollars during the 2013 year and was worth over forty three million dollars that year.

Douglas DeVos and his wife Maria have their own foundation that donated almost eighteen million dollars to charities in 2013 and was worth almost one hundred million dollars in 2013. The Richard DeVos and Helen DeVos Foundation are major supporters of The King’s College in New York City. They are on the Board of Directors and donated seven and a half million dollars to the school in 2013. They also support Hope College where Cheri graduated and received her degree. One of Mr. DeVos’ favorite charities is the Grand Rapids School where three generations of family have gone to school including his own children.

Mr. DeVos is the owner of the NBA team the Orlando Magic, he purchased the team in 1991. After working with the team for several years, he then returned to Amway to oversee International Sales. When he started working with that division they only made a 5% stake in the company and was barely doing any business overseas. In the next two years, they restructured the company and expanded their international division to expand to six different continents and over fifty countries and were responsible for fifty per cent of the income of the company. He then moved on to be president of The Windquest Group. Recently, they have made a move into the liquor industry and will be taking over the Coppercraft Distillery in Holland, Michigan. The building itself will be undergoing an expansion as will the business under the umbrella of DeVos’ Windquest Group.

Windquest Group has developed a project called “the Green Machine” which takes waste and turns it into electricity/power via gas or liquid form. A great development for the environment and us as people to help us develop our own energy and to not be dependent on other countries. ElectraTherm Company is responsible for making and developing the Green Machine, Pro Services together with Windquest is making sure it gets distributed. Pro Services know how to install the units and has the know-how for the customers, and Windquest will offer business financing and business knowledge. He and his family have spent their lives helping people, companies, and the world become a better place.

Congratulations to all the local residents and businesses who work hard to make West Michigan an incredible place to live, work, and visit!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Tuesday, January 26, 2016



Every Famous Youtuber Has Passion For What They Are Creating

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There are so many famous Youtubers, and the one thing that they all have in common is the hard work that they have to put in to keep their fans happy. They need to be doing all that they can to keep their audience interested, and they are willing to work hard in order to do that. They take the talents that they have and use them to create the best videos that they can, so that everyone who is watching is sure to be pleased.
Wengie is one blogger who has been making Youtube videos for awhile, and the videos that she has been creating have helped her to become famous. People love her for the makeup tutorials that she puts out there. She knows a lot about what one should and should not be doing in regard to their makeup, and she is not afraid to share it all. She has a personality and charm to go along with her smarts on makeup, and all of that together has helped her to become a famous Youtuber.
There are many girls who know about something like makeup, but who would be too shy to share their opinions on it like Wengie has. Wengie is the perfect example of how being brave can pay off. She has proven that it is always best to go for it and try to make oneself into a success. Now that she is a famous Youtube star, she is able to make money through her videos, and she is able to interact with a large fan base. She can feel proud of herself for all that she has done with her Youtube channel and all of the ambition that she has put into it.
The one thing that all famous Youtubers have in common is the hard work that they have put into things. And another thing that most have in common is the passion that they feel toward what they are doing. If one does not feel passion about the videos they are creating, then they will not do very well with them.