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Benefits of Securus’ ConnectUs Automated Inmate Forms

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Leading inmate communication services provider, Securus Technologies recently inaugurated its groundbreaking Inmate Forms and Grievance application, which will be available on the ConnectUs platform. During the launch, Securus’ Vice president and Head of Marketing and Strategy, Mr. Russell Roberts, asserted that the firm’s commitment to the provision of new technology remains steadfast. He further added that the inmate forms will go a long way in modernizing the services and products offered by the company to its customers.

Correctional facilities have been using paper forms to collect various inmate requests and grievances. This technique is time consuming because prison officers are forced to move from one cell block to another distributing the forms. Thereafter, they waste more time collecting, moving, logging-in requests, and responding to them. Filing, archiving and stowing such forms also consumes a lot of time.

The new application will negate the need for all the aforementioned processes. When in use, an inmate’s request will be made and responded to in a matter of minutes. No paperwork will be involved. The platform is already receiving rave reviews from inmates and correctional officers who have had the opportunity to use it. Its advancement is part of Securus’ efforts to remodel the incarceration experience. The Inmate Forms and Grievance application also comes with a host of other user-friendly features, which were previously unavailable.

A Précis of Securus Technologies

This is a prominent telecommunications firm based in Dallas TX. For thirty years, the company has had an unwavering dedication towards providing top-notch inmate communication products and services to incarceration facilities throughout North America. Securus Technologies avails its services to more than 3000 correctional facilities. The firm has a work-force of over 1,000 employees, who oversee its day to day activities. Besides its corporate headquarters, Securus has smaller bases of operation in Carrollton, Allen and Atlanta. The company has also been investing in latest technologies, acquisitions, and patents to read more, click here for more details.


Securus Technologies Plan to Expose GTL of their Integrity Breaches

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Securus Technologies is an American prison technology company based in Dallas, Texas. The company was established in 1986 and has offices in Allen, Atlanta, Carrollton and Georgia.

In a recent news release, Securus announced its intention to publish facts, reports, articles and findings that will point out the integrity breaches and wrongdoings by its rival in the industry, Global Tel Link (GTL). According the company’s Chief Executive Officer Richard Smith, it is offensive to the entire industry when a carrier stoops well below the integrity level that most other carriers have. Any business in the industry should do more than just make profits. They should serve customers with their interest at heart in the most ethical way.

Richard Smith noted that the press release was just one of actions that Securus had planned to expose the wrong doing and integrity breaches by GTL. More press releases was destined to be held over the next six months to shame GTL for their actions. One of the issues to be reviewed include their actions when they served Louisiana Department of Corrections.

An investigation by the Public Service Commission found that GTL had programmed their clocks in Louisiana’s facilities by adding 15-36 seconds to the duration of every call made by families or friends who contacted their inmates. The company had also programmed its telephones to rate calls on a basis of higher rates rather than those permitted under the tariffs of FCC. These practices were totally unauthorized.

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies offer investigation, public safety, correction and monitoring solutions in the inmate communication industry. The company operates more than 3500 correctional, public safety and law enforcement agencies serving a total of 1.2 million inmates across United States. To learn more about the company’s full suite of technological solutions, you can follow them on Twitter.