Here Are Some Myths About the Flu

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Earlier this week, reported on the five myths that involve having the flu. It is wise to know what a rumor is and what an actual fact is. Elodie Ghedin has an area of expertise, and it just happens to be the flu.

She is from NYU’s Center for Genomics, Systems Biology, and the College of Global Public Health. She is an individual who works closely with Jon Urbana of Ellipse USA and does know the difference from fact versus an actual rumor. She has offered solid information about the flu and the five most common myths about it. The flu has an extraordinary history. She does believe that the flu shot, itself, is important.

These five myths include:
* the use of a surgical mask will prevent the infection from being passed on to others
* the use of antiviral drugs will prove to be good treatment for the virus
* a yearly flu shot is not needed
* the flu vaccine will actually make people sick
* a fever and a runny knows will indicate that a person has the flu virus
These are the short version of Elodie Ghedin’s explanation on the five most common myths that involve the flu virus. She did coauthor a paper on this entire subject.


DeVos Family Makes a Move into the Liquor Industry

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Dick DeVos, his wife Betsy, and their family have become billionaires who are known for their phenomenal donating, all of this has been made possible because of DeVos’s father starting the company Amway.

During their lifetime, a billion dollars has been donated to different charities through the five charities their family has created. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation alone was worth over ten and a half million dollars in 2013. In 2013 their family together donated almost 90 million dollars and in 2014, they donated almost ninety five million dollars through their foundation. Learn more about their efforts, here:

The Daniel and Pamela DeVos Foundation gave over seven million dollars to various charities through their foundation in 2013 and was worth over ten and a half million dollars. Another foundation of their family’s is the Cheri DeVos CDV5 Foundation which includes herself and her five children. Their foundation donated over ten and a half million dollars during the 2013 year and was worth over forty three million dollars that year.

Douglas DeVos and his wife Maria have their own foundation that donated almost eighteen million dollars to charities in 2013 and was worth almost one hundred million dollars in 2013. The Richard DeVos and Helen DeVos Foundation are major supporters of The King’s College in New York City. They are on the Board of Directors and donated seven and a half million dollars to the school in 2013. They also support Hope College where Cheri graduated and received her degree. One of Mr. DeVos’ favorite charities is the Grand Rapids School where three generations of family have gone to school including his own children.

Mr. DeVos is the owner of the NBA team the Orlando Magic, he purchased the team in 1991. After working with the team for several years, he then returned to Amway to oversee International Sales. When he started working with that division they only made a 5% stake in the company and was barely doing any business overseas. In the next two years, they restructured the company and expanded their international division to expand to six different continents and over fifty countries and were responsible for fifty per cent of the income of the company. He then moved on to be president of The Windquest Group. Recently, they have made a move into the liquor industry and will be taking over the Coppercraft Distillery in Holland, Michigan. The building itself will be undergoing an expansion as will the business under the umbrella of DeVos’ Windquest Group.

Windquest Group has developed a project called “the Green Machine” which takes waste and turns it into electricity/power via gas or liquid form. A great development for the environment and us as people to help us develop our own energy and to not be dependent on other countries. ElectraTherm Company is responsible for making and developing the Green Machine, Pro Services together with Windquest is making sure it gets distributed. Pro Services know how to install the units and has the know-how for the customers, and Windquest will offer business financing and business knowledge. He and his family have spent their lives helping people, companies, and the world become a better place.

Congratulations to all the local residents and businesses who work hard to make West Michigan an incredible place to live, work, and visit!

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Worldwide Epidemic

What Has Sergio Cortes Done?

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Bottled water is a hot commodity following floods that have happened in any area and Sergio Cortes knows that. He has worked to get as much bottled water as he can for Xerém to ensure that the residents of the area have all of the water that they need to be able to stay hydrated. He wants the residents to remain healthy and wants them to have clean water to drink instead of drinking water that was contaminated as a result of the flooding. Atanews reported he has worked to collect donations and purchase water bottles that are available at the health centers and the hydration centers.

This Extra article talks about the different ways that floods can have an effect on people, but one of the most detrimental ones is that people can quickly contract diseases because the water is contaminated. People will be more susceptible to disease and will have to worry about what they are going to do to get better after they have contracted the disease. During times of flooding, people may be more prone to death from the disease because the medical personnel is working to ensure that there is prevention and is not focusing on the people who are actually sick.

Hypochlorite is one of the preventative measures that medical professionals, including Sergio Cortes, have been passing out to people who live in Xerém and were affected by the flood. The chemical can be used to ensure that water is clean and to make sure that the residents have something to bathe and wash their hands in. It is important that residents remain as clean as possible after the flood. They are not advised to drink the water that has been treated with hypochlorite, but it is generally considered safe to bathe in.

Rebuilding is a major step to overcoming a flood in any town. The residents of Xerém should begin rebuilding as soon as possible. Sergio Cortes has handled many emergency situations according to niteroi and is able to recognize that there are things that can help and things that can harm a town after a flood has occurred. While rebuilding may not make the water perfectly clean, it will help improve the situation. Residents who are able to come together and begin rebuilding will be able to have a better chance at normalcy following a flood. The residents of Xerém can benefit from rebuilding their town after the flood.

Pet Food Sales

The New High Quality Dog Food

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When it comes to dog food, dog owners have a lot of choices to consider. The premium dog food market is really taking off, and Facebook customers have well-known brands like Beneful that are pushing the envelope and making better quality foods for pets. The average person that sees a Beneful commercial for dog food will be curious. The narrator in the background speaks about apple accents and vegetable blends. This is something that few people would expect to be associated with any type of dog food. That may be the real reason that this is such popular brand. It incorporates real meats and vegetables into the meals. This is a whole new world of dog food that shows a greater demand for the premium foods. The high quality food is a big deal in the dog food community because it equates to a longer life span for pets. This is great news to celebrate. It obviously costs more, but dog owners are willing to pay more if this will keep their dogs alive longer. Premium dog food is coming from a lot of different new sources, but consumers are going with Beneful because this is a name that they recognize. Over the years Purina has done a great job building up Beneful food. It has become a high quality dog food company that keeps bringing more variety to the table. That is why consumers are interested in this brand for their pets. They know that Beneful keeps the new varieties that they can give their dogs. They are also familiar with the level of quality that their dogs receive with this type of dog food. That is why the demand is so great. The dogs love the vegetables and meats, and the customers like to give their dogs these vitamin rich foods to improve the health of their dogs. Premium dog food by Beneful consists of a lot of different types of dry and wet pet food. There are vegetable blends and real beef and chicken selections. It marks a new era in dog food excellent that establishes new standards.

Apps/Dating Apps

New Dating Apps for Teens

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Teens have a lot of friends. Many are tech-savvy. However, this tech-savvy nature of teens today takes a lot to make it work. Friends pressure to use new apps. There are countless ways to get attention from strangers. New apps come onto the market everyday.

Dating apps are particularly popular among teenagers. Skout is one of these dating apps. In terms of safety from strangers, it is one of the safest among the group. Users can sign up as a teen or an adult. With Skout, there is a teen area. Only teens that sign up are allowed in this area.

This area is moderated well, and keeps inappropriate things that could be found on other dating apps out. The app requires points to check out who has seen your profile, send winks, etc. These various fun things also give points in return for doing them. The points can also be bought. Notifications are sent to the users for various things – such as when someone views their profile, or when they get a wink.

Like many other dating apps, Skout has geographic location features. The app uses the GPS location of a phone or a tablet to find the closest people who use the app as well. This allows the users to get notifications when others in the geographic area join the app.

However, there are other apps out there. These other apps often lack the teen safe area that Skout has. Badoo, for example, has a policy that restricts those younger than 18 from posting photos of themselves. However, this policy is difficult to maintain, and the content isn’t monitored from adult screens to minor screens. Sexually explicit material can pop up on a minor’s screen.

Another dating app, called Omegle, is one of the most known. It’s also the one that allows anonymous chats. These chats match people up, no matter the age. Information such as address, phone number, and name can later be shared with those they chat to. Chats here often turn very quickly to sex and related topics. The site also encourages chatters to meet up, in person.

Tinder is also a dating app. Swipes right and left allow a user to “like” or “pass” a photo, respectively. A meet up is pretty much the only goal here, although a hook up is the other goal.

Skout is quite possibly the safest app for teens. No anonymous texting, a teens only section, and the ability to talk to other teens. Dating apps are a difficult thing to navigate as an adult, but even more so as a teen with all these various apps that friends want you to try.

Health Care News

Northstar Health Care Center Becomes Nobilis Health Corporation and Soars to the Top

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On December 5, 2014, Northstar Healthcare Inc became Nobilis Health Corporation. According to their president, Harry Fleming, the name change was necessary for the successful entry into major U.S. capital markets. Northstar began in 2007,in Houston, Texas. Northstar Healthcare only managed 7 centers in Arizona and Texas. In total, within Dallas, Texas and Scottsdale, Arizona, the two cities had two ambulatory surgical centers apiece. Northstar only had one urgent care and two MRI centers. Since December 2014, as Noblis, this health care agency has started serving six more facilities in Arizona and spread out into such states as Oregon, Michigan, Minnesota, Tennessee and New Jersey. Fleming hopes that Noblis acquires many more states. There are several other Northstar Health Care centers in the United States. Harry Fleming and his board members decided to avoid the confusion. In its first year as Nobilis Health Corporation,it purchased Victory Medical Center from a company that recently filed for bankruptcy after opening the center in 2011. The goal for Nobilis is to have low cost, minimally invasive surgery . Harry Flemming quickly entered Nobilis in the New York Stock Exchange. Nobilis closed at $12.1 million, making between $33 million to $35 million according to Google Finance by the close of the first quarter of 2015. Nobilis continued to have good fortune in the year 2015. By the end of the first quarter, Nobilis had closed GE Capital’s $25 million debt. Towards the end of the second quarter, Nobilis was pleased to announce it had reached $48.9 million according to Yahoo Finance. Nobilis used the capital to help finance their investments for the year. In October, Russell Stanley who works as a market analyst for Mackie Research Capital, noticed this past year was not a good year for worldwide markets. He believed that Nobilis could be an exception. Stanley said that Nobilis Health Corp. (NHC-TSX) was his top pick for the 4th quarter period ending on December 31, 2015. By the end of the fiscal year, Nobilis’ stocks have outdone S&P 500 by over 10 percent. In the recent year, Nobilis owns over 100 surgical centers in Dallas and Houston, Texas. They currently own 9 hospitals. In July, Nobilis had a ribbon cutting ceremony for Plano Hospital. In 2013, when it was still North Star, Nobilis began to fund Pinky Swear, a non profit organization for children with cancer. The first year, Nobilis was involved with the organization, they raised $7 million.

Real Estate Market

Town Residential has had a great fourth quarter in 2015

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Virtual Strategy Marketing originally announced this:
Town Residential gave notice to their fourth quarter earnings on January 5th. Town Residential is a New York Real Estate company. The Aggregate is their market report. In the fourth quarter, the report discloses an on going climb in sales. Manhattan has average sales that rose to 5.2 percent, making it to 1,976,660 dollars. The median sales in Manhattan has grown to 16 precent higher than last year, making it to 1,150,000 dollars. The sales of Manhattan condos has risen also to 1,736,250 dollars which is a 11 precent growth from last year and it is 7.6 precent higher from the 2015 third quarter. The Manhattan co-ops had a slight rise in sales in the fourth quarter. It had a 4.6 precent growth to 1,272,902 dollars.

Andrew Heiberger, the CEO of Town Residential has said that the fourth quarter growth is because the new development sales in Manhattan. The president of Town Residential, Wendy Maitland, said that Manhatten had 4,326 apartments still on the market at the end of December. She thinks 2016 will be a even better year in the New Year luxury real estate market.

Health Company Functions

The Amazing Success of Nobilis Health

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Healthcare is an industry that is very important in our society. This industry is constantly growing as technology pushes forward this industry. There are companies that continue to shine as the world of healthcare moves forward. These healthcare companies help to manage the growing world of healthcare. The management that these companies provide help to bring the proper healthcare to many different areas all around the world. These companies continue to grow while they provide great equipment, professionals, and overall healthcare to many different cities all over the world. Nobillis Health is a great healthcare company according to cantechletter that has been pushing forward in the healthcare industry. Their main task is with developing new surgical centers.

These surgical centers are giving great opportunities for patients in many different areas to get the qualities of surgeries that they really need. Nobillis also offers the marketing services that many of the healthcare companies are lacking. Nobillis gives a great deal of confidence to companies in the health care industry that are looking to outsource their marketing. Nobillis has a great deal of experience that will allow healthcare companies the ability to focus on their healthcare and leave the marketing to the experts. Nobillis also helps healthcare companies more professionally manage their finances. Nobillis will create a plan that will help companies become profitable and successful in the healthcare industry. There are many great legal services that are available as well with Nobillis. If you are in the healthcare industry and you find that you are having any legal issue Nobillis will be able to help you with these legal needs.

Equity Investment

What to Know About CCMP Capital and Stephen Murray

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CCMP Capital and What They Are

The CCMP Capital company is a private equity firm. The name CCMP in CCMP Capital comes from the names of their other organizations from the past, Chemical Ventures, Chase Capital, Manufacturers Hanover Capital/J.P. Morgan and Partners. The people who work with the Stephen Murray CCMP Capital company are all trained in buyout and growth equity investments throughout Europe and North America all around four different types of hand-picked industries. They have some pretty great management teams that help them, and with their strengths put together, with all of their operating resources and industry know-how, they are able to help the company grow and operate more efficiently. This company has been considered a independent firm since 2006 in August. While being a really great company, and having an exceptional team on their hands, they are still able to have their people manage the private equity portfolio that belongs to J.P. Morgan Partners. Since inception, the CCMP Capital company has put in around $12 billion into leveraged buyout and growth of the capital transactions. They have over 50 different employees that are currently working with the company to help them make a brighter future for the company.

What History There is Behind CCMP Capital

CCMP Capital was founded in 1984 and the company has not stopped growing, or changing their name since then. They have been known by many names since they first went into business in 1984, at that time, their name was Chemical Venture Partners. After their stint of being named Chemical Venture Partners, Chemical decided to take the Chase name and use it, and so Chemical Venture Partners soon became Chase Capital Partners. In 2000, after the acquisition of the J.P. Morgan & Co company, and the beginning of the JPMorgan Chase company, the company decided to change the name again to JP Morgan Partners, and they kept changing the names, until now, where they have so far, stayed with CCMP Capital. In 2007, CCMP was also presented with the ranking of 17 in the world’s largest private equity funds. They have a lot of offices that are spread all over the world, some of those offices are in New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong and London.

The Background on Stephen P. Murray

Born in 1962 on August 2nd, Stephen P. Murray was a philanthropist and an amazing businessman, he was an expert private equity investor too. In 1984, Stephen had graduated from Boston College having a new degree in economics. After Boston College, he went to Columbia Business School and was able to obtain a Mater’s degree in Business Administration. Stephen decided to take part in the Wall Street training program offered at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation in 1984 for credit analyst training. Then, in 1989, he has the great sense of business to join the MH Equity Corporation. Stephen Murray was the one who co-founded CCMP Capital in August of 2006 and in the year 2007, only one year later, he earned the title as CEO of CCMP. Before he passed away in 2015, Murray had become the President and Chief Executive Officer of CCMP Capital.

Real Estate

Real Estate mavericks: Coaching is a Must

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My previous articles have been mentioning that we are having a significant focus on culture and coaching more than anything else. This month will see a robust discussion about coaching importance on agents and how coaching will specifically impact their culture at the end of it all. If all things were to be maintained, then there would be no doubt that agents that have a coach will out produce those who do not have a coach.

We will break into portions the different weaknesses and strengths that the agents have a one on one coaching. We will also focus on strengthening their powers through the three first strategies that can help them build their businesses happier and faster than ever before. Through the time that we will be putting in to coach them, we are highly expecting to find them more able to help others as well. At the end we will know that everyone is productive.

We will also develop mastermind groups that will create a significant positive culture. 12 people will be selected into different groups and everyone will have an accountability person to whom they will be sharing ideas and thoughts o how to increase business and performance as well as evaluating their weekly performance. They will discuss issues relating to the external market and encourage one another and at last everyone will feel positive and better prepared to focus and handle their day to day business well. We will also help the agents to overcome their fears and work towards achieving much in unity.

Our unique view is not taking up business from the agents but rather eliminate the kind of competition that is in the market. As a trainer and coach, I have found out that one on one coaching will render the agents more knowledgeable and increase their chances of success in the end.

We have also developed eight weeks of classes that will comprise of 70 officers. Every agent will be given an accountability partner and on a weekly basis they will be bringing in their activities for sharing and evaluation. They will unite in groups and share the challenges and opportunities they may have encountered in the field. We will also bring in various speakers who have flourished in the industry and talk to the agents and motivate them.

Bringing these agencies together will create a surrounding where every one of them will be positively motivated towards success. They will also have a friendly kind of competition looking at their partners in brotherhood. They will be more willing to cheer each other. This will work in producing a high winning team. Visit Rismedia pages for more reading

Real Estate Mavericks are the number one option to impact coaching and culture to agents. They provide an environment where agents will be motivated towards achieving success and growing their businesses extraordinarily. They mold the agents to fit the kind of culture that success demands and meet their goals. Officers who have passed through Real Estate Mavericks exceed their expectations in productivity.