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Tech Expert Robert Deignan Explains Why A Lot Of People Need To Put Some Limits On Their Screen Time

Robert Deignan has been an entrepreneur in the technology sector since 1998. It was in that year that this Boca Raton-based businessman co-founded his first company, Fanlink, Inc. He’s now the chief executive officer at another firm he co-founded, ATS Digital Services, LLC, in August 2011. His company helps people figure out their technological devices…

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Shervin Pishevar: Stocks, High-Tech, and Bitcoin

As today’s modern economy continues to evolve, more and more aspects are coming under greater scrutiny. From a stock market that seems to have no end in sight to virtual currencies such as Bitcoin and high-tech companies in Silicon Valley, the U.S. economy has many people thinking few if any problems are ahead. However, as…

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